Strategic Planning

StrategyShift© - Strategic Planning Process

StrategyShift© - Strategic Planning Process

StrategyShift© is a unique strategic planning process that unites best practices to deliver an organizational plan that:

  • Has buy-in from stakeholders from all corners of the organization
  • Generates positive feelings about the organization and its future
  • Allows for organizational “stretch” and real inspiration beyond just “10% better than last year” thinking.
  • Creates clear and specific action plans with individuals held accountable for outcomes within defined timelines

The purpose of StrategyShift© is to guide your organization’s leadership team through systematic steps toward a plan that will shift the organization into new and innovative directions, directions that are influenced by and sanctioned by its stakeholders that are grounded in market factors and the current socio-political landscape. Congratulations for taking this bold step forward!

Program Expectations

Our expectation is that you will come away from StrategyShift© sessions with a better understanding of your organization and its members, and you will have a viable strategic plan to mobilize. It will be your job to see that it is executed.

At the conclusion of the StrategyShift© sessions, your organization will have:

  • Grown in their understanding of each other as personal and professional colleagues
  • Implemented the SOAR Strategic Planning Approach
  • Developed strategic priorities for a defined period of time for the organization ( I year, 2 years, 3 years, etc.)
  • Developed actionable goals to drive the organization toward a desired vision/future state
  • Developed timelines, accountabilities and a plan for creating excitement around the final plan

StrategyShift© departs from the traditional practices of top-down planning using the SWOT analysis and moves to a more comprehensive “representative” participation based on Dr. Jacqueline Stavros’ SOAR framework. SOAR is the acronym for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. The SWOT analysis will still have value as a backward view of organizational performance, while SOAR will take a forward-looking view, engaging multiple stakeholders to identify what can be.




Unit 1

Knowing Self – Knowing the Team

Session Objectives:

  • Explore one’s own behavioral style and those of others on the Strategic Planning Team.
  • Determine strategies for working most effectively with team members under normal circumstances and under pressure/ in conflict.



Unit 3


Session Objectives:

  • Understand the SOAR Framework and how it empowers an organization to pursue its ideal future state.
  • Understand Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and how to implement it in the strategic planning process and why.
  • Be introduced to the 5-I Approach and its application.

Unit 2

Establishing a Common Language for Planning

Session Objectives:

  • Learn the Strategic Planning Terminology.
  • Define the Strategic Planning terms and how they build toward a comprehensive StrategyShift© Strategic Plan.

Unit 4

Opportunities to SOAR

Session Objectives:

  • Translate the organization’s view of Strengths, Opportunities and Aspirations into the organization’s Strategic Priorities for the pre-determined period (1,2,3,4, or 5 years).
  • Understand what makes a SMART Goal (Performance Objective) and what Meaningful Metrics are.
  • Complete Action Planning Worksheets for each Strategic Priority including critical checkpoints across the Timeline.
  • Plan a means to communicate and market the plan system-wide to improve the success of its implementation
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